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Solutions Developed was founded in 2003 and has been an IT consultancy, training, software development and hardware installation company ever since. Based in Fife and Glasgow we operate globally working with blue chip organisations, charities, government agencies, blue lights, SME’s and social enterprises.

More speak, less geek

We are not your standard IT Company, more speak and less geek is our motto. Communication is essential to building strong relationships and being able to deliver, which is why we keep the tech talk to the office and communicate with you the customer in plain English.

Benefits not technology

We love IT, we love computers, do-dahs, whatsits and thingamabobs as much as the next guy. If there is a new shiny gadget out there we want it. What we also realise is that for a gadget to move from really cool to totally indispensable it has to solve a real problem. And that’s what you want, problems solved, issues sorted, complications smoothed out. The IT solution that does that is of less importance than the real benefits you get. That’s why we never recommend a solution unless you really need it and we can see a real advantage.

Trivialise IT

Imagine a world where you no longer had to think about IT. Imagine you come into work in the morning and all your systems work, run at full speed and all staff knew exactly how to use them. We want to make this dream a reality for you. We won’t be happy until we have trivialised IT to the point that it just becomes a simple background process.

Customer Focused

Unlike some IT companies that have a preferred solution they force onto all customers, we know that each company is different and that means a different solution. For us the most important outcome is a happy customer. If you’re happy we’re happy.

Delivery Focused

Waiting for a solution to be delivered is a bit like waiting for Christmas. You write your wish list of requirements, send them off to Santa and his Elves to deliver and then wait…and wait, and wait. We know that waiting is no fun, and we don’t want to be the ones to cancel Christmas. That’s why we have a strong focus on process, project management and delivery. We ensure that your solution is delivered on time and keep the waiting to a minimum. And you don’t even have to be on the nice list.

If you would like to know more about SharePoint/Office 365, visit our 'What is SharePoint/Office365?' page for all the information you require.

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